Provide efficient mining platforms and produce the highest hash rate

SKY-NET has four modules: SKY-Hive, SKY-Hosting / SKY-Cloud, SKY-Exchange, SKY-DEX.Compared with other current mining solutions and methods, SKY-NET provides a higher hash rate mining platform. By ensuring that consensus is reached on the SKY-NET mining platform, mining candidates will be rewarded with the platform's hash solution to obtain the best hash rate. So far, SKYHASH has developed into a professional mining platform for all encrypted currency miners around the world.

About DTS-Optimizer

Data Transmission System (DTS) concept based on hierarchical layered memory architecture.

SKY-Hive provides maximum mining hashrates through multiple optimization techniques and their implementation.
This was announced at the IEEE GCCE 2018 International Conference and has already verified over 250 cryptocurrencies.