Provide efficient mining platforms and produce the highest hash rate

SKY-NET has four modules: SKY-Hive, SKY-Hosting / SKY-Cloud, SKY-Exchange, SKY-DEX.Compared with other current mining solutions and methods, SKY-NET provides a higher hash rate mining platform. By ensuring that consensus is reached on the SKY-NET mining platform, mining candidates will be rewarded with the platform's hash solution to obtain the best hash rate. So far, SKYHASH has developed into a professional mining platform for all encrypted currency miners around the world.


Neural Network Schema
for Cryptocurrency reward
decision making.

O2W-AI function of Artificial Intelligence using Deep Neural Network learns the behavior of crypto currency rewards and its hash rate. recommend the most effectiveness mineable coin at every 12 hours. Its learning DB was compare the market value of each crypto currency and decide the most profitable crypto currency for next 24hours. SKY-NET mining user obtain the most profitable mining production. Neural Network Schema for Cryptocurrency reward are building a new machine learning model. uses an independent dataset for testing the accuracy of the trained model.