Provide efficient mining platforms and produce the highest hash rate

SKY-NET has four modules: SKY-Hive, SKY-Hosting / SKY-Cloud, SKY-Exchange, SKY-DEX.Compared with other current mining solutions and methods, SKY-NET provides a higher hash rate mining platform. By ensuring that consensus is reached on the SKY-NET mining platform, mining candidates will be rewarded with the platform's hash solution to obtain the best hash rate. So far, SKYHASH has developed into a professional mining platform for all encrypted currency miners around the world.


SKY-Hive has many functions. One is optimized hash rate, the other is centralized control and monitoring services.
Through SKY-NET design, SKY-Hive has a professional mining site. Generated by three main parts:
1) Maximizing mining hash rate 2) Miner centralized control 3) Environmental monitoring

SKY-Hosting / SKY-Cloud

In order to maximize the mining profits of SKY-NET members, we have prepared mining equipment for the lowest electricity price area.
SKY-Host services cost about 6 cents per kilowatt/hour in countries/regions such as Azerbaijani, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.
Sky cloud implements a central server to observe and install the updated mining software, GPU firmware, hash rate and temperature.


Services for SKY-NET users and mining users who use SKY-Hive services to achieve maximum decryption effect.
Provide SKY wallets connected to user owned, mainly including:
1.Encryption and Encryption Exchange Services (Bitcoin, ETF, Monroe, RIGCoin) 2.Encrypted Dollar Exchange Service 3.Encrypted debit card service


Distributed application interface, through which all distributed applications must be connected
SKY-NET partnered with debit card companies in 2018. SKY-NET users can use debit card services with encrypted currencies, including RIGCoin.

SKY-NET Overall configuration diagram

project image


Mining solution where anyone can get the world's best hashrate

Optimization technology and appropriate monitoring, control with AI

SKY-Hive has integrated "Orchestration of Optimization Workflow" (O2W) and "Optimization system" and "AI", so that all users can be mined most efficiently. O2W uses multiple monitoring systems and control systems suited to the needs of large operators to provide multiple services, including smart UI / UX and detailed status, to stably optimize the user's interests, controls the state of the mining rig machine, the hashrate, and all its mining programs, through a centralized server. You can use the highest hashrate and management system without experience or knowledge.

Maximized Mining

SKY-Hive provides the Maximized Mining hashrate by multiple optimization technique and its implementation. SKY-Hive will provide these optimized mining ware to SKY-NET members.

Centralized Rig machine control (O2W)

SKY-Hive integrates “Orchestration of Optimization Workflow” (O2W), and enables every user to mine with the most efficiency easily. O2W provides the multiple service, including smart UI/UX and the status in detail with the monitoring system and control system that meet the needs for the large-scale operators to the individuals, which will optimize the user’s profits stably.

Monitoring (O2W-AI)

O2W-AI function of Artificial Intelligence using Deep Neural Network learns the behavior of cryptocurrency rewards and its hashrate. Then recommend the most effectively mineable coin after every 12 hours.